@ artusi

artusi, a modern aperitivo bar

perfect hop-in for a drink and bite bar. light fare, classy casual cocktails. shared kitchen w/spinasse, next door. small groups, dates.

from About Artusi:

“It is true that man does not live by bread alone; he must eat something with it. And the art of making this something as economical, savory and healthy as possible is, I insist, a true art.”
—Letter to Pellegrino Artusi from poet Lorenzo Stecchetti, 1845-1916

drink the kool-aid ransom old tom gin, aperol, cinzano bianco, soda, lemon & punctured bicycle campari, cynar, soda, sparkling wine, lime, lemon wheel

joyous young pine sparkling wine, juniper oil, aviation gin, sugar cube, lime bitters

toasted bread soup with lopez island clams, lovage & saffron

tripe with bone marrow & local black truffles

anderson ranch lamb leg braised with olives, anchovies & chiles

shaved white mushrooms & egg

zucchini alla parmigiana with basil & cocoa nib


bambi warhol aviation gin, 360 vodka, cocchi americano, orange bitters & citrus peel


1535 14th ave. seattle, wa 98122


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